Project summary

Studee helps international students to find, apply and enroll to universities around the world.

On the homepage of Studee’s website, there is a “questionnaire” that asks students several questions. Their feedback is used to present programs relevant to their needs and aspirations.

In order to improve engagement, Studee wanted to accompany each page of the questionnaire with a character animation, summarised as follows:
  • • The character should not depict a specific race or gender
  • • It could be based on a human form, animal or a relevant inanimate object
  • • Concept & creation of 12 short character animations, approximately 3 seconds in length

Initial concepts & ideas

Storyboarding the animations

Final animations

The 4 “blobish” characters that Studee validated appeared in 14 different animations, in a variety of crazy and silly situations.

During the concept & storyboarding refinement phase, more than 20 situations were designed.

The Studee project was extremely fun to create and animate!

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