Project summary

The Biocircularcities project aims to unlock the circular economy potential of unexploited bio-based waste streams and boost the green and sustainable transition.

The bioeconomy promotes a sustainable production of natural resources from biomass rather than fossil and mineral-based resources.

In order to raise awareness about this specific environmental issue, the European Union department ACR+ needed a motion design video to describe the BioCircularCities project.

  • • Accessible to non-expert audiences
  • • Between 2 and 3 minutes
  • • In a clear and easy to understand graphic style
Initial styleframes (2 options)

Refining the full script + storyboard

The entire development of the project took 3 months: a couple of weeks to write and validate the script, and a month to produce, revise and finalise the motion design video, including music and voiceover.

The script was written in collaboration with an expert in biocircular economy and bioresources.

It’s always inspiring to work on a project that aims at protecting the environment!

Final video

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